Trees, Please


Give Hope for Tomorrow: Trees are life. They bring productivity to the land so that poor, rural farmers can provide food for their children and income for their families.

Deforestation and poverty are intimately linked together. As trees are cut down, surrounding farms becomes less productive. Water sources dry up and erosion carries away the nutrient-rich topsoil. Planting trees fights poverty by restoring soil and water sources, bringing productivity back to the land. Fruit trees protect against erosion and provide a source of food at the same time. Nitrogen-fixing trees add vital nutrients back into the ground while anchoring and buffering topsoil.

The results are increased food production and better nutrition for hungry children. Larger crop yields also lead to greater family income, which means money for children’s school fees and renewed hope for tomorrow.

  • $10 plants a nursery of 10 trees
  • $25 plants an orchard of 25 trees
  • $50 plants a grove of 50 trees
  • $100 plants a farm of 100 trees
  • $200 plants a forest of 200 trees

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