Trees That Honor


Plant trees to honor a loved one: Give the gift of trees to celebrate, commemorate, or bless someone for life’s special occasions such as graduations, weddings, births, or anniversaries. This gift will honor someone for generations to come. 

By planting trees in someone’s honor, you’ll mark their special occasion while blessing the families who benefit from these trees. Your trees will be planted either in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania, or Thailand.

All over the world, deforestation and poverty are intimately linked. As trees are cut down, surrounding farms becomes less productive. Water sources dry up and erosion carries away the nutrient-rich topsoil. Planting trees fights poverty by restoring soil and water sources, bringing productivity back to the land. Fruit trees protect against erosion and provide a source of food at the same time. Nitrogen-fixing trees add vital nutrients back into the ground while anchoring and buffering topsoil.

The results are increased food production and better nutrition for hungry children. Larger crop yields also lead to greater family income, which means money for children’s school fees and renewed hope for tomorrow.

The restorative power of trees is being experienced in the shadows on Tanzania’s iconic Mt. Kilimanjaro. Lucas and Paslida are growing avocado, corn, coffee, lettuce, and tomatoes. But the most dramatic improvements to their farm has come from the 2,000 trees planted on the steep slopes of their property, trees that now stand 30 feet tall.

Lucas and Paslida share, “In the past the stream here was dry and we had no way to get water. We have seen the rains return and the land become more fruitful. Now the stream runs year round and the land has been protected. There are 3,000 people who live in two villages who depend on this stream. Now all of us are benefiting.”

  • $25 plants an orchard of 25 trees
  • $50 plants a grove of 50 trees
  • $100 plants a farm of 100 trees
  • $200 plants a forest of 200 trees

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