Wood-Saving Stove


Give the Gift of Health: Half the world’s families cook meals on open-flame stoves that cause premature deaths and rampant deforestation.

More than 90% of people in poor countries rely on open-flame stoves fueled by wood or charcoal to make meals and boil water. About half the trees cut down in developing countries are used for wood to fuel stoves, creating rampant deforestation and adding to the devastating effects of rural poverty. What’s more, almost 2 million people—mostly children and women—die prematurely each year because of indoor smoke pollution from cooking fires (that’s more than the number who die from malaria). Plant With Purpose works with communities to build wood-saving stoves that require 50-60% less wood. This decreases deforestation and drastically reduces the risk of smoke-related death or illness. Also, by not having to walk miles for wood, women and girls are able to use their time more productively.

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